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Happy New Year!!

OK, so I'm a bit late with that, but you'll forgive me, right? :-)

I've had a couple of weeks at home since the last market of 2018 and I was a very lucky lady as my lovely husband Andrew bought me a kiln so that I can start to learn about making jewellery from precious metal clay.  It's a wonderful medium with far less constraints on it than making jewellery from sheet metal (although I will be doing that too at some point) and the 2 can be soldered together once the clay has been fired so I can have the best of both!

That doesn't mean that the book folding / cutting and folding, or the mixed media items are taking a back seat - indeed, I have a couple of each sitting next to the workbench waiting to be completed. I also have a lovely lady who is waiting for her next layer of whatever comes to mind when she's back on the bench! She's been a longer term project and I'm excited to see how she's been coming along (slooooowwwwlllllyyyy!!!) 

I've updated the "Dates and Venues" page so if you have a chance to come along to the Shambles Market in Stroud on one of the days that I'm there (and I'm indoors which is always a good move!) I'd love to see you. 

Now I really should do some more work on this website, so .....

.... take it easy!

Sally x

I hate to use the C word ....

... but it's creeping up on us. Yes, for those of us who make items to sell, we've been in create mode for about a month or longer so that we can offer some new and beautiful items to you. In fact I've just started to take orders for cut and folded (or just folded) books to be picked up later.

Personally, I only make a few seasonal items as I feel that people prefer to buy items which they can use or display year round. Having said that (I'm a Gemini so I see lots of "other hands!!!!), there's nothing wrong with a few Christmas / season specific items so I will be making some alternative Christmas cards with skulls in top hats and maybe a few book art projects too.

How early do you start with your Christmas plans? Do you shop year round - buy  things as you see them?  Or are you a last minute shopper?  

I'll be in the market all of the way up to Christmas (except for the first weekend of the month - please check the "dates and venues" page) so if you're in Stroud, please come and say "hello"!.  If you're nowhere near, then please have a good look around the website and let me know what you think.

OK - my craft desk is calling to me!

Take it easy!

Sally x

Another week of heat .....

... and I don't know about you, but I'm melting ....!!  Nobody can ask where the summer was this year, that's for sure!  According to the weather reports, it's staying this hot for another week (I'm in Gloucestershire) 

I have finally completed the mask with jewellery technique element which I mentioned in my last blog.  I've twisted lots of wire to make it look like vines growing across the face, and incorporated beadwork to look like tiny flowers. My fingers are sore but I think that it was worth it!!  I've put a photo onto the gallery so that you can let me know what you think!  This is the season for balls and themed dances to hopefully it will find it's way to one of those this summer. 

Well. I've got another project on the bench waiting for more layers .... so it's time to go and add a bit more!

Take it easy!

Sally x

More sunshine ....


Wow - it's been hot! How have you been managing?  

I was in the market at the weekend, and it was nice to be back.  Some of the regulars dropped by for a chat as well, and that's lovely as it just shows what a friendly place Stroud can be, so if you're in the area on a Friday or Saturday, please drop by. More details about our market are at

I even had time to re-jiggle my display around to show off the long length necklaces which are ideal to wear with summer dresses .... and also in the winter with a jumper!  I also debuted 2 wire wrapped rings which I've made and which will find their way onto the website soon. 

My stall is set out with the jewellery on the left side and the artwork and other things on the right (it's an L shape) and I really need to concentrate on the right side for a couple of weeks.  So today I have been decoupaging things with some old comic strip pictures - keep an eye out for those!!  I also have an idea for a mask, using a mixture of techniques from mixed media and jewellery making which in my head will be awesome :-)

I'm considering adding a page to my website with a list of birth and anniversary stones, and a little bit about what properties some people believe these stones have. What do you think - worthwhile or just a gimmick?  Please let me know!

It's late now, and still hot hot hot!  

Take it easy, and take care in this sunshine!

Sally x

It's been a lovely weekend!


I've had a lovely weekend, have you? 

I've had 4 days in which to make things and upload them to the website, which was wonderful, but on Sunday I went to a Bead Fair and bought .... well, lots of beads (and a rather large stash of pearls too!)  Using those in conjunction with a technique DVD and a new tool, I've been making station necklaces, also known as "Tin Cup" necklaces because Renee Russo wore one throughout the film "Tin Cup".  So keep an eye out for those - so far I've used pearls and pearl knotting silk but it's only the start  :-)

That doesn't mean that I'm only making jewellery now. I'm trying to work out how to use the techniques that I've learned throughout my different crafts in combination, for example a mache mask with perhaps a beaded headpiece across the forehead. Or a piece of altered art with some clay flowers on it. 

I'll be back at The Shambles market in Stroud (in the church hall) on Friday and Saturday, and I've been posting photographs on Facebook. There may be one of my "wonky videos" going on there this week ... wonky because I have to turn 90 degrees (my stall is L shaped) and then I have to walk a bit, so it's never going to be smooth going ...... and I do tend to forget that the camera does pick up sound so sometimes  I mumble to myself, sometimes it will pick up the background chatter but it's a way to share my market stand with you. I'd love to see you there - might you be in the area and have time for a quick "hello" perhaps?

Hope to see you soon - take it easy!

Sally x

Another one, and so soon!!!??


I'm taking advantage of having the weekend away from the market (it's the planned non-market week) by having taken a day off work to give myself 4 complete days to concentrate on updating my website and making use of the "crafty stash" that's trying to take over the house!

Every so often I'll try to challenge myself - for example, I'm not a pink and flowery person so I'll say 'Right Sally, today you will make something using that pink cardstock that's been sitting on the shelf for ages, and you'll also use some flowery paper, and some of the paper flowers from that ginormous box under your desk. Oh - and you can't "Tim Holtz" it!!" (Tim Holtz is a master crafter who specialises is the grungy / vintagey style).  Most of the time it works..... LOL! But rest assured that I do put as much care into the creation as I do with the colours that I like (mostly black, greens, blues and metallics) and I hope that you like them when they do appear on the stall and the website. Keep an eye out for them and let me know what you think! 

The best thing about using up stash is that it leaves space for new things! :-)

Take it easy!

Sally x

It's been a while .....

Sorry about that! But the good news is that I now have great access to my website which means that you can see the lovely things which I've made, whilst sitting in the shade with a big glass of something iced! 

Oh yes, it's really really hot at the moment, which means that I have to be careful about working at my little workbench because things get blown around when the window is open!  I suppose that I should really be tidier, and I always intend to be but once my Mr Mojo has kicked in, it's all go with no stopping to put things away when I've finished with them or put them aside as they won't work on whatever I'm trying to make at that time!  I mean honestly, who's going to put the white paint away when they're about to start with the green???? No me, that's for sure!! LOL!

So - take it easy, keep hydrated and be safe!  And if you're in the Stroud area on a date that I'm in the market, please drop by and say "hello" :-) Also, keep an eye on my Facebook page (Sally's Handmade Giftboxes) for news of new items which haven't been uploaded to the website yet.

Hope to see you soon!

Sally x

Has it been that long?

So ..... September.  In the market, we're beginning to prepare for the early Christmas shoppers, which means that we hand makers have had to start building our stocks since the middle of summer!  I currently have 50 pizza boxes in my craft room which are perfectly sized for the suncatchers and 8 inch canvases.  

We won't even go to the stash on the dining table that won't fit into the craft room ....... Thank goodness for my fairly patient husband .....

I am under instruction to get my website up and running again, so that is a plan.  In the meantime, if you see anything in the gallery which piques your interest, please contact me for details.  As a rough guide, there is currently nothing over £25 on my stall, and my under £10 stock will be added to for reasonably priced gifting.

And if you should be around the Stroud area, I'll be in the Shambles - specifically in the St Lawrence's Church hall - and I'd be delighted to see you! 

Take it easy!

Sally x

An update!


Well, it looks like I have a bit more access to the website and have just posted my first new item in the Mixed Media shop page.  I have been taking photographs of my stock with the intention of adding them as I make them once I'm up to date! hahahahaha

Other news this week is that if you visit me in the indoor part of the Shambles Market in Stroud - and it's a great little market so it's worth a look if you're in the area - I can now take card payments.  I've made it to the 21st century!!  

It's a bright day in Stroud today (it's Friday) and there are a variety of eating / coffee places as well as a market in the Shambles, and tomorrow (Saturday) there is a Farmer's Market further down the hill with a variety of stalls including street food - and of course if you do visit Stroud, please come by and say "hello".  My stall is on the back wall in the corner directly opposite the front door, under the big market sign.

I hope that you're all well.  Take it easy :-)

Sally x

Update July 2017


You may have looked at this website and thought "not a lot going on here" and you'd be correct in thinking that  - sort of .....

I've been trying to update the site - deleting old photos and making space for the new items - and it's been a slog.  But I'm slowly - very slowly - getting there so please bear with me.

I recently attended a 2 day workshop called "Creativity in 3 Acts" in Coventry.  The tutors were France Papillon, Anna Dabrowska aka Finnabair (the lady with the range with Prima) and Marta Laprowska (I will check the names) who is also known on YouTube as MaremisSmallArt.  We had one session with each of them on each day, so 6 projects / lessons each lasting 3 hours ..... exhausting but well worth it.  Big thanks to Sue Tucker who organised it (she has a  craft site called The Artists Trading Post).

This means that I'm on a mixed media run at the moment, although I think that Dragon's Eyes (see the tutorial by Yvonne Williams) are running a close second.  And you'll find this once I'm back up and running, and also in the market in Stroud (in St Lawrence's Church Hall, The Shambles, Stroud, Gloucestershire).

Wow - that's a number of  name checks!  

So - please hang in there, and keep coming back to see what's new.

Thank you

Sally x

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