Welcome to Sally's Handmade Giftboxes - a name that I took before I started playing in other areas ..... also known in the Shambles Market, Stroud as "Sally's Arty Things" :-)

Hello! My name is Sally, and I'm based in Gloucestershire, England. 

I love to make things.  And I am constantly learning and the items which I make are evolving .... and I love it!  Each item is made with a lot of care and attention - and every one is a unique piece which nobody else will have! What is referred to a OOAK - a one of a kind.  

If you see something that you quite like but would like more information and / or photographs, please contact me. I'm limited to 3 photos on this website but would be delighted to provide more!

If you'd like to find me in person, I'm usually in the Shambles Market in Stroud on every Friday and Saturday (except the first weekend of the month) - please check the "Dates and Venues" page for details. 

Thank you for visiting, and if you would like to leave some feedback, please use the "contact us" form. I'm also on Facebook and often preview some of the fresh from the workbench items there so please keep an eye on that, and let me know what you think of them!